Harley was adopted in June 2011 by his dad’s Juan and Donald and his canine brother Beau. Harley knew he was home when Donald and Juan started fostering him. It just took his dads a little longer to figure it out! Harley deserves all the happiness that is coming his way. What a great life he will have!


Eaton was adopted by Marc, Sarah, Mandy and his new canine sibling Shadow on February 12, 2011. Eaton was turned into animal services and was going to be euthanized the day we saved him. Eaton is a doggie with a heart of gold and his new family can’t believe they were so lucky to find him! Eaton walked in to his new home, gave Mandy, his human sibling a big lick and settled in to his new doggie bed. Eaton is definitely home.


Gracie was adopted on November 28, 2010. Sometimes it’s really hard placing an older dog because everyone loves a puppy. Sandy doesn’t feel that way. She understands how much love a dog can give no matter what the age. And now Gracie will spending her days only knowing love, treats and short walks in the sun. This time it will be on a leash with someone who loves her, not wandering the streets confused, abandoned and scared. Merry Christmas, Gracie!


Jagger was adopted on 9/11/10. He was found abandoned on the side of a road in a rainstorm. He was overlooked on our website rescue and at adoption days for over a year. Finally! Finally someone saw him and realized that he indeed deserved a wonderful life. We are so happy that he has found his family. They have had him for a week and have said he is a joy to have in their lives and they absolutely love him! Don’t worry Jagger, you are finally with people who will never give up on you!


Hershey was adopted in June 2010 by Matthew and Arlene. Hershey was left homeless when his previous family couldn’t care for him and left him tied to a tree. Forever resilient, Hershey found us and then he chose his new parents, Matthew and Arlene, along with his new human sibling, Dan! Hershey now gets to swim everyday, take naps on the couch and basically run the house! Hershey truly deserves it!

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