After a year of being in foster care, Bear has finally found his mom!! When Peggy met Bear we knew this was the person he had been waiting for all year. They immediately bonded and fell in love. We just couldn’t be happier. Poor Bear was dumped at animal control and would have most certainly been killed due to his age. He stayed with us for a year, until his mom found him on Petfinder. Proving to all of us that there is a family out there for every dog. We just have to be patient!


Daphne was adopted March 27, 2010. She was found alone, scared and hungry in the woods. We knew that she had been mistreated and neglected for a long time. She learned over time that she deserves to be loved and Paula and Ron are going to give her a lifetime of it! She was very timid around them when they first met her. They saw past her fear and knew that with time and patience she would fit in just fine at their happy home! She loves hanging with her new doggie brother, Sherman and with her human Nana too! She is going to know nothing but chew toys, long walks and snuggles. Yay for Daphne!


Ben was adopted on 1/23/10. He was dumped out of a car in the middle of a road on a very hot day with some food and ice cubes. He was standing in the road looking very scared and confused. Luckily one of our volunteers saw him and did the right thing by contacting us to help place him. I guess someone’s “junk” is another person’s treasure. He will know nothing but love from his new person, Christina. He will spend his days playing with his doggie brother, Riley too! Ben, now named Jessie, will never be left stranded again.


Cassie (ears up) and her new family, Nicole, Sean, and floppy-eared Fisher. Finally! A fenced in yard and a buddy to play with, plus two whole people to give kisses to! Cassie, now named Kona (Hawaiian for Lady, so she must be doing something right!) is now one happy pup.


Kylie was adopted on September 20, 2009. She was found abandoned on a bike trail. She was going to be brought to Animal Control before we rescued her. We are so glad we did. She is perfect! Her new human parents, Shannon and Mark think so too. Her days will be filled with attending ball games and napping on a HUGE comfy ottoman.

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