Cody was adopted on August 15, 2009. He was moved around a lot and nobody ever addressed his issues before he came to our rescue. He was a confused little guy when he came to us, but our wonderful fosters Toni and Calvin, helped him become a more confident dog. He is now living a life of play time and car rides with his new humans, Mary and George! They saw him at our adoption day at Lake Eola Farmers Market and fell in love.


Buddy was adopted November 30, 2008 by Jordan! Buddy’s life started very rough. He was found living outside, chained inside a very small kennel with no shelter or food and he was left dirty water to drink. His kennel mate was starved and laying dead next to him. He was close to it. His life has now changed. He will get plenty of treats, fresh water and yummy dog food. He will always be kept inside but will be brought on long walks and for car rides. This is the way every dog’s life should be. Even the ones that were neglected and abused. Especially them.


Charlie was adopted on August 31, 2008. Charlie was left at a house that one of our volunteers moved into. The people who lived there remembered to take their furniture but forgot poor sweet Charlie. On purpose. He is now going to live with a wonderful woman, named Lois. It was love at first sight when she saw him. Lois has been on two safari’s in Africa. Now she has her own little lion in her home!

Boo Boo

Boo Boo was adopted on July 12, 2008. He was going to be abandoned by his owner when one of our wonderful volunteers saved him. He is going to have a wonderful life with his new family, Bob, Kim and his doggie sibling Dixie. We thank them for opening their hearts to an older pet. He will finally have a great life, even as a senior!


Greco was adopted on May 5, 2008! Greco was abandoned and given up on more times than any dog should. This home is forever and we are so glad! He will be spending his days playing with his doggie brother Toby (also adopted from us!).

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