Abby needs a home…please!!

I’m sad. I’m sad that Abby has not been adopted. She has lived outside for 7 years, she has been on our website for 2 years and she has not had one application. Why? She’s older and a tabby. Everybody wants a cute little Siamese kitten but nobody wants Abby. She deserves to be inside. She deserves to have a comfy couch to curl up on and to be pet until she purrs (which she does loudly). She must be tired of finding shelter from the rain and eating food off the ground. She is healthy and sweet as can be. Sometimes people forget that cats live for 20 years. She has a long life ahead of her. Won’t someone fill out an application today?

Update: A wonderful couple did fill out an application within a week of this blog and she is in now in her new home!