Some of you know Boomer’s story through emails, or the local news or through Facebook.  In case you don’t, it’s below for you to read along with some photos of Boomer in his new fabulous wheels that help him zip around the pet resort, where he lives with his dad, Darren.

So what are we asking? DONATIONS to help with Boomers vet bills. You may be thinking, “So many animals to save, why all this attention on this one?” Because we believe all animals are special and all deserve a second chance, especially ones like Boomer, who was left to rot in his own feces while the officers just walked by him everyday at animal control in Orange County. He deserves our care and our love. To those who have met Boomer, you understand. WE NEED YOUR HELP OR BOOMER WILL NOT RECEIVE THE CARE HE NEEDS. His bill is already over $1,000 at the Vet. Any donation is helpful. You can donate in many ways:

  • Click on the donate now button which will link you to PayPal.
  • Mail a check to A Better Life – Pet Rescue, PO Box 582, Ocoee, FL 34761
  • Call Winter Garden Animal Hospital and let them know you would like to donate to Boomer’s bill under A Better Life – Pet Rescue @ 407-656-4132

Boomer has had an infection in his elbow that has gone into his bone all because of the way he was treated at Animal Services 3 years ago. Below is his story…once you read it you will understand…

September 2009

Meet Boomer, a gorgeous Leonberger who was turned in to Orange County Animal Services after his owner died. We first met Boomer and he was standing, walking, running and taking treats in the play yard. When we went back on Thursday, he was laying down, in feces and urine with labored breathing. We convinced them to give him to us on Friday.

Boomer was rolled out on a pallet jack wrapped in a urine soaked blanket and smelling like nothing we had ever smelled before. It was clear that no effort had been made to clean him or even keep him on a clean blanket. To say he smelled like death would not be an exaggeration. The only way to tell that he was alive was to watch his chest and listen for his shallow slow breathing. His eyes were clouded and unfocused, he was hot to the touch and he was boneless. An officer turned to our volunteer and said “I don’t why you are taking him.  He’s dead already.”  She chose to ignore his callous remarks and lifted him into the car and we rushed him to Winter Garden Animal Hospital. When the vet techs came out with a stretcher, Boomer showed the first sign of life by glancing at them briefly. He was brought straight to x-ray so that radiographs could determine what he was facing.

With a precursory exam it was determined that this dog had not had any liquids for days and was going into shock from severe dehydration and a fever of 105.9. The infection on his elbows was obvious as his fur was red from blood and the smell of rotted flesh was prevalent. As a life saving measure he was given 1.5L of fluids bolus (an extremely rapid intravenous infusion). Radiographs revealed no sign of pneumonia but did show bladder stones and a stomach full of air from continuous swallowing. Further testing determined that he had a bladder infection and elevated kidney levels meaning his kidneys were in the process of shutting down. He was put on IV fluids and antibiotics and was admitted for intensive care where his fur was shaved off revealing urine burns on his skin. ALL COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED IF ONE PERSON AT ORANGE COUNTY BOTHERED TO LOOK DOWN AND SEE HIS PAIN.

Saturday Boomer was rehydrated and his fever was down. However, he was still not moving and could not walk or urinate on his own. Volunteers spent hours sitting with him and massaging his muscles. Eventually he began to stretch his back legs and propped himself up, even taking some food. His eyes were clear and his breathing regular.

By Sunday we received a report that Boomer could hold his weight for short periods of time, but that he still couldn’t urinate on his own. The main concern at this point was that the cause of his lameness and urination difficulty was neurological and may not reverse.

Boomer showed shocking improvement on Monday when he walked and urinated on his own. He also ate, drank and was able to have his IV taken out.

Boomer underwent surgery on his elbows. He is eating, drinking and walking. And he finally pooped! He was basically left to die in his cell. Shocking and so sad. But Boomer was with us now and on his way to recovery.

October 15, 2009

Since rescuing Boomer in September, from orange county animal services, he has been going to the vet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for numerous surgeries and re-wrappings on his elbows. All this caused by his horrible treatment at OCAS. Every other day he is transported by volunteers and his foster parents to get his elbows re-wrapped and cultured. He was on nine different medications and pain killers. It was determined that one of the infections he had was E-coli, from laying in his own feces at animal control. His left elbow began healing. His right elbow was not. Our vet could still put their fingers right down to the bone where his flesh had rotted off the muscle and bone. The skin was not healing. We changed medications, continued with surgeries and kept re-wrapping his elbows.

November 7, 2009

Boomer’s left elbow continues to improve though his hips and rear legs are becoming unstable from lack of mobility due to having to keep his elbows laying flat. His fosters wonderful  care continue to massage and take him for daily walks to make him more stable. We also purchased “doggie leggs” for Boomer so that he is now always padded and has more stability on his elbows. Leonberger’s are very large dogs. Boomer had a long way to go.

November 27, 2009

Boomer had begun seeing improvement on his right elbow! The skin has begun to close though he still has infections. His new medication made him stop eating so we took him off of it. This will slow down the process of recovery but boomer must continue to gain weight to gain strength. Small steps and small recoveries but it is still PROGRESS! Hopefully if this continues, boomer will not need skin grafts.

January 2010

Boomer can now walk on his own and his skin is healing!   Boomer was officially  adopted by his fosters Darren and Sky Korito. He goes on long walks with his canine brother and sister, George and Luna. Boomer is one special dog who has taught us so much. Especially that every animal we meet has a special story and gives us yet another lesson to learn. Boomer taught us all how important each living, breathing creature is. This Gentle Giant touched so many lives. Now its his turn to have a wonderful life and a happy ending!!

June 2011

Boomer was doing really well for about a year and then his elbow started to become infected again, despite the daily baths that Darren gives him.  With donations through Facebook we were able to purchase Boomer a Fabulous wheel chair that is helping him immensely as he grows strength in his hind legs while his front elbow is becoming weaker.

July 2011

Boomer has had to go back into the hospital for extensive operations on his elbow.The skin is not holding together though his wheelchair is helping him make major improvements.  His hospital stay, when we first rescued him, was over $2000. Boomer’s continuing visits to the vet and surgeries cost us up to $200 a week. So what we are asking for is donations to help with boomers vet bills. You may be thinking, “so many animals to save, why all this attention on this one?”  Because they are all special and all deserve a chance, especially ones like boomer, who were left to rot in their own feces while the officers just walked by him everyday.  He deserves our caring and our love.  To those who have met boomer, you understand. WE NEED YOUR HELP OR BOOMER WILL NOT RECEIVE THE CARE HE NEEDS.  His bill is already over $1,000 at the Vet.  Any donation is helpful.

June 2012 – For those of you wondering Boomer has gone through some critical times over the past year but his Dad, Darren will not give up and neither does Boomer!  Boomer is doing well and loving his wheel chair (as much as any dog would!).  He spends his days by his dad’s side during the work day and lays out by the grass in the evening before heading to bed.  Boomer found doggie heaven on Earth! Please continue to donate to his medical needs.  You can call Winter Garden Animal Hospital directly and donate to A Better Life – Pet Rescue at 407-656-4132 or click on the donate button.

Thank you!

We rescued Boomer on September 11, 2009. Or maybe I should say that Boomer rescued us. His courage, determination and will power surpassed us all. Boomer taught us that giving up is not an option. He is one smart cookie. 🙂

Thank you for helping us in our journey with Boomer. He sends you a big Boomer hug and goofy smile. 🙂