We know in these financial times everyone is a little more conscious of what they are spending. Unfortunately, because of this, the number of animals needing rescue has RISEN and the donations have gotten SMALLER. I’m sure you are tired of people asking for donations. Our account is at zero and everyday we worry. Why you ask?
Bear – the sweet, senior golden mix needs meds and therapy for his hips. He was left to die at animal control when his owner passed away.
Samm – needs heart worm treatment due to the fact that he was tied up in the backyard and told to “Attack.” He was exposed to everything and is now being treated and getting better.
Zeus – Mastiff with allergies to everything! He was rescued by an animal hospital that then turned their back on him and said “he wasn’t their problem anymore.” Zeus requires allergy shots and special food.
Diesel – poor little dachshund who spent his first 6 years in a wire cage in a puppy mill. His teeth and gums were rotting away from poor nutrition and trying to eat through the cage. He had surgery to remove most of his teeth. He is much happier now.
Hershey – a happy, silly puppy who was left at a homeless camp with a bag of dog food. the food was stolen. He was just taken to the vet for bloodwork, check up, all his shots, neutering and micro chipping.

So you see, the funds go to whatever our animals need. So if you can give $1, $5, $20… it all adds up.

Thanks so much!!