Herbie was adopted on March 3, 2008. When he came to our rescue he was abandoned, sick and let us know that he didn’t want to live outside anymore. Well, he won’t ever have to worry about sleeping outside, going hungry or getting sick again. His new family is going to give him the best life ever and we couldn’t be more happy for our little Herbie lovebug! His new best friend, Cameron, picked him out online and knew that this was the kitty for him. They hit it off right away.


Gracie was adopted on March 1, 2009. Gracie certainly had many angels watching over her; and they all made sure she found her forever home! A volunteer found Gracie dumped in a dog park in Orlando. After having many cancerous tumors removed from her body, her foster mom helped Gracie meet her new mom and it was love at first sight! Her new mom, Renee, didn’t care that she was sick. All she cared about was giving her a wonderful life. And we couldn’t be happier!


Bosco was adopted on September 16, 2006. His new mom, Mychelle, knew Bosco was the one for her when she saw his name. Mychelle rides Harley motorcycles and ‘Bosco’ is a part on her bike – so she new it was meant to be! Bosco felt the same way! Bosco will now get to go on many new adventures with his mom, Mychelle.


Bonzai was adopted on July 2, 2005 and this gorgeous boy has finally found his forever home!. Bonzai was living outside an auto garage after his previous owner was sent to prison. They were feeding him but the outside living and weather had taken its toll. When we went up to meet him, we immediately fell in love with that face, put him in our car and never looked back. He is now inside, on his doggie bed, with his two doggie brothers Jax and Duke. This boy is why we do what we do. 🙂 We are so happy for Bonzai and his new family. Bonzai passed away on 12/17/06, surrounded by is loving family. He will be incredibly missed.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde were adopted on March 25, 2009. Bonnie and Clyde were found with bullet shrapnel in them. They had been through hell and back and found refuge with the foster parents. After two years in our rescue, their foster parents decided they couldn’t part with them so Bonnie and Clyde are home to stay! We secretly think Bonnie and Clyde never had any intention of leaving and are glad their foster parents finally figured it out!


Bianca went to her new home on Dec 2, 2006. Her new family had lots of toys on hand to give her as she walked through the door. Bianca, now named Snoopy, also has new doggie and kitty siblings to play with all day long. Yea for Bianca!


Benny’s owners called us when they realized he had gotten loose from their yard. We are very glad that Benny’s parents found him on our website and hope that he no longer has the opportunity to stray and wander into the street. And we hope his family is now wise enough put to ID tags on him, keep him inside and out of the street. We are glad he as been reunited with his family.


Levi was adopted on June 1, 2008. This poor little guy had many homes before he finally found someone who fell in love and was willing to work with him to build his confidence. Pete and April believe the way we do. If you don’t give up, the dog won’t let you down. We are so thankful they found each other! He will be living with his two doggie sisters too, riding in a golf cart visiting neighbors and taking long doggie naps.


Lexie was adopted in July 2011 by her new mom Kelli. Lexie started her life by being thrown from a truck and has now found a better life living with her new mom by the doggie beach! Lexie now spends her days hanging with her mom, jogging in the morning, going to the dog park and sleeping in between her mom and dad at night. Yay Lexie!


Lily was adopted on March 27, 2009. Lily’s life started outside in our bushes, where her siblings died one by one. She came to trust us and we brought her inside. Lily then met her foster mom, Stacy, who fell in love and couldn’t let her go! Lily now has her doggie brother Sam to cuddle with and Phoebe, her kitty sister, to terrorize! We couldn’t be happier.