Sweet scared Daphne

Daphne is my new foster and she is super sweet. She was found in the woods scared, sick and hungry. She was then kept in a small cage at a vets office for 3 months without much attention. We are sure she was abused, neglected and abandoned. Just like the majority of the pets that come into our rescue.

It has only been two weeks and she is doing so well already. She loves and learns from other dogs, so going to a home with another dog is a must. She is also great with our cats. She loves to cuddle but still gets frightened if you raise your voice or touch her back-end. She does have a submissive peeing problem, but is doing so much better. Obviously from memories of abuse. Poor girl. But she’s smart and wants to please.
Most know that I love me a hound dog. Even though she rarely barks, it’s a perfect Beagle bark. So funny! She loves to play with toys now too. It’s great to see.
I know she has never been taught any basic commands but I just taught her to sit and it took 2 minutes. I’m also working on her waiting at the door. She’s so good!
She deserves a great home! She’s one special dog.