We would like to thank the following groups and individuals who have helped us with our rescue. Our adoptions would not be possible without the following:

The Disney Community (you know who you are!!), all of our volunteers, Fur & Feather Pet Resort, our foster families, Park Avenue Animal Hospital and all of our adopting families who open their homes and hearts to our rescue pets.

Rescue Rider, Sherry McMahon to the Rescue!

Oakland resident, Sherry McMahon, has single-handedly raised over $2,000 for A Better Life – Pet Rescue.  Sherry has dedicated herself to riding her bike for sponsorship miles. In 2007 and 2008 she rode 1,000 miles equaling $1,000 for our animals in need.  Because of her amazing determination, will power, stamina and passion, Sherry managed to get back on her bike this year to do it all again.

Because of Sherry, A Better Life – Pet Rescue has been able to treat 4 dogs with heart worms, spay and neuter a litter of puppies and buy yearly supplies of heartgard and flea preventative. We are so grateful to Sherry and her wonderful friends and family who support her and our cause!


To all of the animals we rescue –  who have taught us to respect, love and cherish every animal who come in and out of our lives.

If only for a moment, these animals have taught us humility, grace and understanding.


For those we could not save: Duke, Bernie, Farley, Magg, Blue Eyes, Augie and our boy Emmett. To Rigsby – our special beautiful little boy, with the gorgeous face. Sunshine – our gorgeous girl who’s life was cut short by people who did not understand her. Bonzai – the boy who taught us that a wagging tail can fix anything and to never give up, no matter what people say. Cooper – for his perseverance and love. Pumpkin – our little pillar of strength and joy. Duncan – our boy who touched everyone’s heart. Kanye – whose life was filled with love but cut too short. To Emma, Ellie, Badger, Sam and Tom – take care of one another. Chance and Bug – you were with us for too short a time. Suzy – who will forever be our puppy who climbed up the slide and always wagged her tail.

We will see you again one day. Thank you for watching over us from the big green field in the sky.


 Linda Coke, new mom of Lily, has made her donation in memory of Cool, a wonderful labrador who kept everyone smiling.