Since January 2005, A Better Life РPet Rescue has placed over 2,000 animals in loving, permanent homes!

Less than 20% of people who adopt animals get them from shelters or rescues. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Meet Melville!

MelvilleMeet Melville, the biggest, mellowest, roly-poly guy you’ll meet! He loves doing yoga along side foster mom, chasing laser lights, snuggling, and generally being way too cute for the room. He’s super affectionate and doesn’t even mind being picked up and carried.

He’s good with other cats (boys and girls), hasn’t met a dog yet but I suspect he’d be fine with one. He’s a big goof that got overlooked because he’s a tabby, and is no longer baby. There is a littermate named Merry that he’s super attached to and she’s as petite as he is large! they play together, talk to each other, and would make an awesome addition to any home.

Meet Merry!

Are you looking for a super friendly kitty who is also brave and petite?

I’m your girl. I am 1 1/2 years old, petite, an ordinary looking little kitty with an extraordinary personality. I’ll run to greet you when you come home and then follow you around making little sounds of delight. If you have chores to do or are getting ready in the morning I’ll help with those, but nicely, so it isn’t harder for you:)

I’m super soft and pretty and very sweet. I LOVE laser pointer, feather toys, snuggling (but not being picked up), belly rubs, and my brother Melville. He’s my size opposite, a big boy. We play together, talk to each other, and would make a perfect pair for a loving home.

I’m healthy and happy and ready for a forever family.